Welcome To LPI Immigration Law Firm

We offer free visa-related consultations. During your consultation, we will provide an estimate of the service costs relating to your situation. Even if you reject our offer, you will not need to pay anything for the consultation session.

We will assume responsibility for your application, including submitting your documents to the immigration bureau, so you are not required to go directly to their office. You won’t be stuck in that 1-2 hours-long line.

We are legal specialists in Immigration law and Nationality law, therefore we can increase your chances of getting your visa accepted.

We will assist you in the process of founding your company (Co., Ltd, Inc., LLC, LLP, etc.) or single-person business. You can save up to ¥40,000 by registering your company with us. We are capable of introducing you to potential office or store spaces in Tokyo.


  • Free immigration consultations.
  • You don't need to go to the Immigration Bureau.
  • You don't need to make complicated documents complex paperwork.
  • Start a Business Support.

Want to Hire Foreign Employees

When hiring foreign employees, or hiring foreign residents or students already living in Japan, it is the company’s responsibility to file the relevant form of eligibility. We have a service to assist with filling out the necessary forms and submitting your application.

Want to work in Japan

Want to Work for a Japanese Company Foreign residents or students who are currently seeking employment opportunities are required to apply for a work visa, or to switch your current visa to a work visa in order to receive a work permit. We will assist you in filling out and compiling the visa-related forms, as well as submitting the application.

Want to Operate a Company in Japan

Want to Operate a Company in Japan For those who are interested in applying for a business manager visa or investor visa, we will assist you with the process. We can also introduce you to potential office spaces and provide web development services.

Want to be Japanese Citizenship

Want to Apply for Japanese Citizenship For those who are considering applying for Japanese citizenship, feel free to contact us. With Japanese citizenship, there is no need to apply for re-entry permits, to update your alien registration, or to carry it around as proof. In addition, you will be able to receive the same social benefits and welfare as Japanese citizens.

Want to Apply for Permanent Residency

Want to Apply for Permanent Residency By obtaining permanent residency, you can legally continue to reside in Japan without having to continually update your visa. There is no limitation on where you can work, so you can select any occupation you wish.

International Marriage

International Marriage For those who are married to a foreign spouse, you are eligible to apply for a spouse visa for your partner. Lately, Japanese immigration has become more strict when reviewing spouse visa applications due to the increase of fake marriages and marriage fraud. We will support you until you successfully receive your spouse visa.

Application is rejected

In the Event that Your Application is Rejected Even if your application is rejected, it is still possible to re-submit your application and get it accepted by the immigration office. We will assist and review your application before you re-submit your forms.

Arrested for Illegal Stay

For Those Who Have Been Arrested for Illegal Stay If you have verifiable connections to Japan, or are eligible for residence on the basis of humanitarian needs, it is possible to receive an official residence permit from the Ministry of Justice as an exception, despite the history of arrest due to illegal stay. You can check your case by contacting us.

Updating or Changing your Current Visa

You are required to update or change your visa status in order to keep your eligibility, but do you find that the process takes too much time? We will complete the forms for you, and support the application process.

Want to invite family and friends

Foreigners who are staying in Japan, if you want to invite your family and friends in Japan,Please feel free to contact us.

Divorce Among International Couple

In the case of filing for divorce among an international couple, the foreign spouse needs to change his/her visa status to keep his/her eligibility. It is possible to extend the eligibility in spite of divorce, so if this applies to you, please contact us.

Want a Visa Consultation

Please consider working with a certified LPI legal specialist in administrative procedures. Currently, we don’t charge consultation fees for first time visitors, so feel free to contact us for visa-related issues. It’s very common for visa applications to take a long time for completion and processing, so we recommend that our customers contact us in advance.

Full support

Free immigration consultations

# Category Fee Advance fee
1 Application for certificate of eligibility ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
2 Application for Extension of Period of Stay ¥30,000(+税)~ ¥15,000(+税)~
3 Application for change of status of residence ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
4 Application for naturalization(corporation) ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
5 Application for naturalization(individual person) ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
6 Application for Permanent Resident ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
7 Application for Permission for part-time job ¥20,000(+税)~ ¥10,000(+税)~
8 Application for Re-entry Permit ¥10,000(+税)~ ¥5,000(+税)~
9 Application for appear at the Immigration Service ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
10 Application for residence by special permission+provisional release ¥150,000(+税)~ ¥75,000(+税)~
11 Application for certificate of authorized employment ¥50,000(+税)~ ¥25,000(+税)~
12 Application for invite your family or friends or employee in japan ¥100,000(+税)~ ¥50,000(+税)~
  1. ※There will be an additional charge for prints, stamps, and other materials.
  2. ※Mobilization fee cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  3. ※In the event that we make a mistake when performing our service, we will provide the customer with necessary revisions free of charge.
  4. ※Prices may fluctuate depending on changes to our services or economic situations.
  5. ※The price of our services is likely to shift when the Japanese government announces a consumer tax increase.